Who We Are


All victim-survivors in the District receive timely, competent, and high-quality care.


The DC Coalition to End Sexual Violence (DCCESV) seeks to enhance the capacity of organizations and agencies to strategically partner and effectively address the needs of sexual violence victim-survivors in the District through education, training and technical assistance, advocacy, and policy.

Core Values

Anti-Oppression and Intersectional Lens: an ongoing commitment to recognizing, understanding, and collectively confronting the existence and interaction of systemic oppressions in our society so that we may lessen their effects and promote equity that values, honors, and highlights diversity and differences.

Collaboration: the practice of working together in service of our mission and vision by inviting, recognizing, appreciating, and valuing our diverse partners and the multiplicity of their identities and abilities. 

Integrity: the moral courage to act in solidarity in service of our mission and vision through a lasting commitment to honesty, openness, and accountability.

Transparency: the practice of being forthright with our intentions and actions as a Coalition, which includes making available and accessible information about the Coalition and its areas of work.

Victim-Survivor Centered and Trauma-Informed: DCCESV is committed to an organizational structure that understands, recognizes, and responds to the effects of trauma, while also emphasizing the physical, psychological, and emotional safety of both clients and providers. We practice an enduring commitment to developing systemic practices and diverse responses that prioritize the wishes, safety, and well-being of victim-survivors in all matters related to their ongoing care so that they may rebuild a sense of control, safety, and empowerment.